What Are Fat Loss Hacks?

Fat Loss Hacks are innovative, researched, and tested techniques that accelerate fat loss and reduce the amount of effort required for fat loss.

A few examples of Fat Loss Hacks are…

  • A technique developed by a NASA scientist that transforms stored fat into a special kind of fat that your body quickly burns for energy. This does not require you to eat less or exercise. The process is almost effortless. Multiple studies have shown this technique can burn up to 4800 calories a day (a pound of fat is about 3500 calories)

  • The Mayo Clinic's research into overeating discovered a way to stop eating to fulfill emotional needs

  • The College of Chemical Sciences developed a cooking technique that cuts the calories of rice, potatoes, and pasta in half - it also turns them from bad, fast digesting carbs into good, slow digesting carbs which greatly reduces the glycemic impact these foods have on your body

  • A study in published in Psychological Reports revealed a way you can automatically eat 18% less

  • An experiment found one thing to add to your diet that makes you lose 1.1 pounds a week

If losing weight has not come easy for you, take a minute to discover how Fat Loss Hacks can help you...

Beyond Eating Less And Exercising

Everyone who wants to drop some weight has tried eating less and exercising.

If eating less and exercising worked, everyone would be in shape.

The truth is, it takes more than watching what you eat and hitting the gym to get in shape. Fat Loss Hacks are the modern tools that help force your body to let go of excess body fat.

Sample Fat Loss Hack 1: How Green Bananas Stimulate The Release Of A Hormone Which Encourages Your Body To Burn Fat

Rodney Bilton, a Biochemistry Professor at Liverpool John Moores University advises dieters to eat unripe bananas because they’re high in resistant starch.

The resistant starch found in green bananas helps you lose weight because it stimulates the release of a hormone called glucagon, which encourages your body to burn fat at a higher rate.

If snacking is your vice, swapping out whatever you normally snack on with a green banana could be your ticket to almost effortless weight loss.

You can find more about how green bananas help you lose weight here

Sample Fat Loss Hack 2: Pre-Breakfast: An Enhanced Way To Start Your Day

What you consume when you first wake up programs your body to feel a certain way for the rest of the day.

Do you want to be hungry, tired, anxious and unable to focus all day long?

Or would you rather have reduced cravings, a smooth supply of energy, and be calm and focused?

Of course, we all would prefer the second one…

By doing what I call a “pre-breakfast” you can optimize your body for an ultra-productive day.

If you typically start your day off with a big dose of caffeine, greasy meat like sausage or bacon, or worse, fast food you will benefit tremendously from what you're about to read.

Even if you currently treat yourself to a healthy breakfast such as fruit or oatmeal you can enjoy increased vibrancy by partaking in a pre-breakfast.

Pre-Breakfast Is Two Simple Steps:

You simply start your day with a tall glass of filtered water and two spoons full of coconut oil.

That's it.

It's so basic I'm worried you won't commit to trying it because it seems too simple to do much.

Let's quickly go over what each of these two things does to our body.

We'll start with the benefits of filtered water:

  • Helps you focus - Even mild dehydration can cause dizziness, headaches, and impact our ability to focus

  • Helps you burn fat - Studies show that hydrated cells help to flush out fat

  • Improves digestion - Stomach problems are becoming a serious health issue for the fast food generation. Water is a gentle way to flush your digestive tract and keep it healthy

There's also a psychological benefit to starting your day with a refreshing glass of water.

From the book "One Simple Change"...

“The benefits of drinking water in the morning go beyond the physical, though:
I find that having a glass of water right after I wake up makes me feel as if I've
kicked off the day on the right foot. Since I've done something good for myself
first thing, I am more likely to continue to make healthy choices as the day goes

Now let's talk about the benefits of coconut oil...

  • Energy boost - Your body doesn't typically store the healthy fatty acids in coconut oil as fat. Instead, your body quickly converts them to energy

  • Keeps blood sugar in check - The crash you experience after a high-carb meal is caused by out of control blood sugar levels. Coconut oil helps control that

  • Boosts your metabolism - One study found that medium-chain fats like coconut oil increase your metabolism by 12%

  • Reduced appetite - Researchers discovered that the medium-chain triglycerides found in coconut oil caused people to consume 256 fewer calories per day

When you partake in this pre-breakfast you will find the urge to bombard your stomach with ghastly processed food later on in the day is greatly reduced.

It really is amazing.

Sugar and junk food cravings just get put on mute.

For those of you with great physical and mental demands placed on you, there’s also a High-Performance Pre-breakfast that sharpens your focus gives you a smooth supply of energy without the anxiety and nervousness of large doses of caffeine.

Learn how you can download the High-Performance Pre-breakfast here

Fat Loss Hacks Can Be Used As A Stand Alone Fat Loss System Or To Enhance Other Diets

Fat Loss Hacks are different from any weight loss method you’ve seen.

It’s not like Atkins where you just cut out carbs.

It’s not like a cleanse where you just drink green juice for a week or two.

Fat Loss Hacks are a collection of scientifically proven ways to accelerate fat loss, eliminate hunger, and make foods that were typically off limits to dieters weight loss friendly.

You can use Fat Loss Hacks in any number of ways to suit your comfort level.

If you only want to lose a few pounds a week, you can use the Fat Loss Hacks that require very little effort to accomplish that.

If you want to achieve extreme weight loss, you can combine more Fat Loss Hacks and watch as fat rapidly melts off your body.

You can also use Fat Loss Hacks to enhance the results of your favorite diet.

Whether it’s the Mediterranean Diet, Raw Food Diet, a Juice Cleanse, or any other diet that you happen to like, Fat Loss Hacks can be added to enhance your results.

The Best Collection Of Fat Loss Hacks

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