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Exciting research into the science of fat loss has uncovered simple hacks that reduce or eliminate most of the challenges you face if you're struggling to lose weight.

Many of these hacks are small adjustments that are almost effortless.

A few hacks take effort but reward you with greatly enhanced results over the old ways of losing weight.

With these breakthroughs losing up to a pound a day is finally possible.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

We've gathered all the fat loss hacks, translated them from science jargon into easy to understand language, and organized them into a simple system that you can download from this website.

Here's just a sample of what we uncovered - you'll find more on the next page...

FOOD HACKS: A Simple Cooking Technique That Cuts The Calories & Glycemic Impact In Rice, Pasta, And Potatoes In Half

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A researcher discovered a technique that cuts the calories of rice, pasta, and potatoes in half.

This does NOT involve brown rice, wheat pasta, and sweet potatoes.

Traditional rice, pasta, and potatoes can now be made weight loss friendly when you prepare them with this special cooking technique.

It also transforms the fast digesting carbs which are terrible if you're trying to lose weight, into slow digesting carbs which are much better for you. That means you will no longer spike your blood sugar when you enjoy these foods.

And it does NOT affect the taste.

Until now you've been told you must eliminate these three tasty carb-filled foods from your diet if you wanted to lose weight - with this technique you can enjoy a reasonable amount of rice, pasta, and potatoes while your body continues to burn fat.

Best of all it's easy, and there are no weird cooking gadgets to buy.

We've also discovered ways to accelerate your metabolism without dangerous supplements...

METABOLISM HACKS: Turn Stored Fat Into A Special Type Of Fat Your Body Loves To Quickly Burn Up

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Scientists have found a way to force your body to burn more fat while you do absolutely nothing. You can do this while sitting at your computer or laying down.

It works by using a simple technique developed by a NASA scientist that transforms stored fat into a special kind of fat that your body quickly burns for energy.

This does not require you to eat less or exercise. The process is almost effortless.

How much fat can you burn?

Multiple studies have shown this technique can burn up to 200 calories an hour. That's 4800 calories a day you could be burning while you sit around the house doing absolutely nothing. (a pound of fat is about 3500 calories).

More Metabolism Hacks revealed on the next page

MIND HACKS: How To Program Yourself To Eat Less & Be Turned Off By Junk Food

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The quest to cure overeating has lead to many fascinating scientific breakthroughs.

Are you interested in finding out more about the following?

  • How to automatically reduce the tastiness of chocolate cake - A study found that placing a specific item in the room you eat in made chocolate cake unappetizing (this works for all junk food)

  • Researchers from Cornell University discovered a simple trick that suppresses the urge to buy junk food when you shop for groceries - Once junk food is in your home it's almost impossible to resist. When you find out how to eliminate the urge to buy it, eating healthy is easy

  • A study in published in Psychological Reports revealed a way you can automatically eat 18% less

  • Are you preparing meals in advance? Find out why that could make you overeat

  • The strange reason why storing food in the basement can help you eat less

  • Why some electronic devices are making you overeat

  • A special kind of art that makes you eat healthy - just looking at this art causes you to make healthier food choices (this one is really cool)

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